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The photo by Ivan Jones, taken in 2015, has been shot on the stairs of the National Gallery in Copenhagen, when I was partner at C.F. Moellers Architects.
This twenty-year-old project turned out to be one of the most beloved public spaces in Copenhagen. The glass that covers the street connects and divides the old building with the new extension. It is a generous, dramatic space and an extension of the city towards the park. This is an example of an architectural transformation lasting to time and trends.
Since then, I have built several other museums applying the same philosophy; “no quality has to be lost in transformation but adds to the place and mankind”.
Two of the museums are placed in London for the amenity of the public. The first one is the Darwin Centre, an extension of the Natural History Museum, a gigantic cocoon, which contains some of the most treasured specimens, including the Darwin Collection. The extension faces Queen Street and the cocoon can be revealed behind the glass facade. It is a spectacular room that contains the curved shape of the giant cocoon and manages to bring the visitors behind the scenes.
The second museum is an addition to the Maritime Museum in Greenwich, The Sammy Ofer Wing, located in the middle of the UNESCO site, which expresses a beautiful addition to the park.
The item of those projects is not a dull preservation, but a dynamic architecture as it looks at the context and interpret the future.
The last four years, I have been working as a partner in a young upcoming studio, Norroen. We also work on museums, as a part of the experience economy development which is the primary goal of the studio. 
To be an architect is not a job , it is a call for life ...