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This photograph was taken at R7 in Kings Cross which was the last building I worked on whilst director of Duggan Morris Architects, a practice I co-founded in 2004 with Joe Morris. My role on the project (alongside Joe Morris and Ah-Ra Kim), was very much focused on the front end design and the delivery phase. 

The design process was rigorous, iterative and highly sophisticated in a way that commercially-led architecture should be, with huge effort required to retain and secure the design ambition. It is very challenging to be nimble and to maintain a design rigour when costs and logistics are constantly pulling. This building is a significant milestone for Duggan Morris Architects (now Morris + Company).

The project is important to me as it represents the achievement of a practice I co-established. It is a measure of the skills I obtained at that precise point when I moved on. Endings tend to be heightened experiences and this building is that high point and one that now marks a professional, emotional and intellectual point of departure for me.

Mary Duggan established Mary Duggan Architects in 2017 following 13 years of co-directing Duggan Morris Architects.