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The portrait was taken outside one of our terminal building at Strömkajen in Stockholm, showing the façade of burnished tombak, a brass alloy. The site´s location opposite the royal castle, is one of the most beautiful and historical parts of Stockholm. The three small buildings, serve travellers to the Stockholm archipelago. The design is based on an elementary form – the cone, framing views over the water. The cones are combined in different ways to meet the demands of the different businesses, resulting in buildings with no specific fronts or backs. Each building is unique but together they create a cohesive expression for the boat and pedestrian traffic of Strömkajen. 

I founded Marge Arkitekter in 2002 by, together with Katarina Grundsell, Louise Masreliez and Susanne Ramel. We share the interest of exploring architecture based on an analytic process of site and program, aiming to create long lasting and user focused projects. Our firm is based on the idea that collaboration and dialogue bring our architecture further. Common to the projects is a spatially exploratory architecture that is characterised by innovative organization and new applications for materials.  Our female led practice is now a team of 35 architects, interiors architects and building engineer. We work with all scales and different programs and it has been our aim since the start. We are curious and want to learn new things and by always being challenged with new tasks, our architecture and projects are developed.  We work with both private and commercials clients, but mainly with public buildings as schools, nursing homes and museums. We have recently completed a Naturrum, a small exhibition building and entry point and node for exploration of the beautiful Natural Reserve of Trollskogen, on the north tip of the island of Öland. For the last years, our smallest project was a shed for deers and our biggest being a city development project of 80 000 sqm, that we won in 2015, the same year the portrait was taken.

Sergelhuset is a project to transform and rebuild a big quarter from the 60´s, in the pure city centre of Stockholm, by Sergels torg. Its is a huge quarter divided by a street, Malmskillnadsgatan, and facing three different street levels. The main vision has been to revitalize this part of the city and we are doing that by adding a new wide stairs connecting the levels and opening up the entrance floors for new restaurant, cafés and shops and a more differentiated façade design. The projects has, apart from the social vision of creating new meeting places and streets and places where people want to be at, also a very high environmental ambition, Leeds Platinum. The existing concrete construction is kept, the stone is reused façade material and we add green roofs with a diversity of plats and flowers. It is to be completed by the end of this year, 2020.